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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Alla E: Ghosts


Emma S: The Woman Who Rides Like a Man


Piper Y: I'm Not Who You Think I Am


Mia G: The Last Ever After


Finn S: The Hunger Games


Lily A: Maximum Ride-The Angel Experiment


Levi G: House of the Scorpian


I infer that I am strong willed because I was trapped by a woman in a room like an animal pen but I came out  with a strong mind and was able to learn. My second example of being strong willed is that I studied super hard and became a very smart person. I learned a lot about the drug dealing business and went to the water processing plant so I could learn more about that.  Another example of me being strong willed is that I almost had my heart taken to be given to El Patron because he was getting old and needed a new heart. I was very upset because I thought he was one of the few people who loved me. But because I was strong willed I kept going and I managed to escape and then trekked through a dangerous wilderness. This also shows that I am strong willed. This proves my inference because only a strong willed person like me would have such a strong determination to live when their life is full of suffering like being. Strong willed people also try very hard to things and be the best. I did that because I worked really hard. I learned so much. All these things are traits of a strong willed person which proves that I am strong willed.    

Inigo: I Even Funnier


I infer that Jamie is  a very good friend. One reason that I say this is because he teaches math to a friend.  Another reason why I think he is a good friend is because he is very friendly to his classmates.For example he invites his friends to the semifinals.This shows that he is a very good friend because to go to the semifinals is very expensive .

Steven J: Hoot


Josh H: Amulet


Eliza O: The War That Saved My Life


Lucan M: The Eye of Minds


Wes M: Sidekicks


Colby P: Hatchet


Brianna T: Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment


Rowen A: The Lost Hero


Michael M: The Son of Neptune


Ava J: The Selection

Thomas L: Homeland-The Dark Elf Trilogy


Jonny C: Legend


Harry D: Fablehaven-Keys to the Demon Prison


Mira S: The Lightning Thief


Michael O: Five Nights at Freddy's Silver Eyes